The Phill-E Street Band

In honor of Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band performing Sunday and Monday at Citizens Bank Park (their 20th Delaware Valley venue), we list here (alphabetically) 10 men who played for the Sixers, Flyers, Phillies or Eagles with the first name of Bruce, Clarence or Max.

 Name  Team  Pos.    Years
 Maxie Baughan  Eagles  LB  1960-65
 Bruce Bowen  Sixers  F  1999-00
 Bruce Chen  Phillies    P  2000-01
 Bruce Gamble  Flyers  G  1970-72
 Max-Jean Gilles  Eagles  G  2006-10
 Clarence Peaks  Eagles  B  1957-63
 Bruce Ruffin  Phillies  P  1986-91
 Max Runager  Eagles  P  1979-83, '89  
 Max Talbot  Flyers  C  2011-12
 Clarence Weatherspoon    Sixers  F  1992-98