The NCAA 3,000-Point Club

It's hard to believe, but it was 22 years ago Wednesday that La Salle's Lionel Simmons set off a Civic Center celebration by becoming the fifth NCAA Division I player to reach 3,000 points.

Only two additional players have joined that exclusive club in the meantime. And three of the seven have local ties.

In addition to Simmons (who went to Southern High before heading to 20th & Olney), Hersey Hawkins played five seasons with the Sixers; Alphonso Ford played five games for them.

Here are the seven NCAA Division I 3,000-point scorers: 





 Pete Maravich  LSU 1970  83  3,667 
 Freeman Williams      Portland St. 1978  106  3,249 
 Lionel Simmons  La Salle 1990  131  3,217 
 Alphonso Ford  Mississippi Valley St.     1993  109  3,165 
 Harry Kelly  Texas Southern 1983  110  3,066 
 Keydren Clark  Saint Peter's 2006  118   3,058 
 Hersey Hawkins  Bradley 1988  125  3,008