The NBA/Big 5 Coaching Double

Jack Ramsay was one of nine men that have been head coaches in both the Big 5 and the NBA:

 Coach  Big 5  NBA Teams
 Don Casey  Temple  Clippers, Nets
 Chuck Daly  Penn  Cavs, Pistons, Nets, Magic
 Dick Harter  Penn  Hornets
 Jim Lynam  SJU  Clippers, Sixers, Bullets
 Penn  Trail Blazers
 Jack McKinney  SJU  Lakers, Pacers, Kings
 Jim Pollard  La Salle  Lakers, Packers
 Jack Ramsay  SJU  Sixers, Braves,
 Trail Blazers, Pacers
 Paul Westhead  La Salle   Lakers, Bulls, Nuggets