The La Salle Explosion

La Salle's athletic year just keeps getting better ... 

First, the men's basketball team sneaks into the NCAA Tournament ... then wins three games en route to the Sweet 16.

And then yesterday, Associate Director of Athletic Development (and men's play-by-play voice) Kale Beers managed to drop a 157-point word on yours truly on what until then had been a friendly game of Words With Friends.

Here's how it broke down:

Filling in horizontially along the bottom row, he used the word SQUIRTS, with the Q and I being triple letter scores and the final S being the triple word score. The R was a blank (thank goodness).

So ... 1+(3x10)+2+1+0+1+1 = 38 x 3 = 114

Add in the 35 for using all seven letters ... 114+35 = 149

And since the first S extended the word SLAY into SLAYS, tack on another 8 (1+2+1+3) ... 149+8 = 157.

By the way, the men's basketball team at La Salle has never scored 157 points in a game ... Heck, it might take the Sixers a week to score that many this season.

Nice going, Kale!!!