The Halladay Corollary

Roy Halladay's best innings over his career are the second and ninth. (Ron Cortes/Staff Photographer)

When last we left Roy Halladay, he was suffering the first loss of his career in which he was pitching with a lead in the ninth inning. Shortly thereafter, Phillies nation was aghast at his 7.74 ERA in his 2011 ninth innings.

Now, because baseball-reference has it so easily available, we present his inning-by-inning career ERA and opponet's batting average. Note that his second and ninth innings have by far the best ERA:

Inning             ERA     Opp. BA
1st 3.67 .271
2nd 2.48 .227
3rd 3.80 .267
4th 3.11 .255
5th 3.10 .235
6th 3.15 .243
7th 3.74 .277
8th 3.38 .251
9th 2.52 .246
Extra 4.50 .333