The Dismantling of a Champion

Shane Victorino is the 19th of the 25 players who appeared for the Phillies in the 2008 postseason to leave the club. (Kyle Kendrick, still with the club, did not appear in any playoff games that season, although he was a regular season mainstay.)

Those 19 departures, chronologically:

 Player  Date  How
 So Taguchi  Nov. 5, 2008  Released
 Pat Burrell  Nov. 6, 2008  Granted Free Agency
 Geoff Jenkins  March 31, 2009    Released
 Chris Coste  July 10, 2009  Picked up off Waivers (Astros) 
 Brett Myers  Nov. 6, 2009  Granted Free Agency
 Pedro Feliz  Nov. 9, 2009  Granted Free Agency
 Matt Stairs  Nov. 9, 2009  Granted Free Agency
 Scott Eyre  Nov. 12, 2009  Granted Free Agency
 Eric Bruntlett  Nov. 16, 2009  Granted Free Agency
 Clay Condrey  Dec. 12, 2009  Granted Free Agency
 J.A. Happ  July 29, 2010  Traded to Astros
 Greg Dobbs  Oct. 28, 2010  Granted Free Agency
 Jamie Moyer  Oct. 28, 2010  Granted Free Agency
 Jayson Werth  Nov. 1, 2010  Granted Free Agency
 J.C. Romero  June 24, 2011  Released
 Brad Lidge  Oct. 30, 2011  Granted Free Agency
 Ryan Madson  Oct. 30, 2011  Granted Free Agency
 Chad Durbin  Nov. 1, 2011  Granted Free Agency
 Shane Victorino    July 31, 2012  Trade (Dodgers)

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