The Dallas Unhappy Returns

Cowboys punt returner Dwayne Harris runs down the sideline on his touchdown. (Ron Cortes/Staff Photographer)

For just the fourth time in their history, the Eagles' allowed three return touchdowns in the same game Sunday, and Andy Reid was the coach for two of those (Dec. 5, 2005). Joe Kuharich was on the sidelines for both of the others (Nov. 29, 1964; Oct. 2, 1966). In none of the three previous instances, did they allow three return TDs in the same quarter.

The last time an NFL team allowed punt, fumble and interception return TDs in the same quarter, the league hadn't even played a Super Bowl yet. (The 49ers returned a trio against the Bears in the second period on Dec. 11, 1966, a full month before SBI.)

Dallas now has nine return TDs vs. Reid, by far the most of any of his opponents (Giants, Cardinals, Seahawks: 4 each). Those nine:

 Date  Player  Return  Yds.  
 Sept. 22, 2002  Reggie Swinton  Kickoff  100
 Oct. 12, 2003  Randal Williams     Kickoff    37
 Nov. 14, 2005  Roy Williams  Interception       46
 Oct. 8, 2006  DeMarcus Ware  Fumble    69
 Sept. 15, 2008     Felix Jones  Kickoff    98
 Jan. 2, 2011  DeMarcus Ware  Fumble    17
 Nov. 11, 2012  Dwayne Harris (left)    Punt    78
 Nov. 11, 2012  Brandon Carr  Interception    47
 Nov. 11, 2012  Jason Hatcher  Fumble      0