Single Digits (Aug. 1)

A half-dozen quick stats that caught our attention recently ...

♦ Well, the Phillies didn’t make any trades at the July 31 deadline, but a lot of other teams did, and none was more fascinating than the Tigers getting David Price in a three-team deal. Not because Detroit now has the last three Cy Young Award winners on its roster (a first in major league history), but because one of the other players involved in the deal was playing centerfield in an actual game when he was traded.
     Austin Jackson was not only in the middle of a game when he got traded, he was in the middle of an inning. Heck, he was traded as he was manning centerfield in the middle of an at-bat by the White Sox Gordon Beckham. Once the count ran to 2-2, Tigers manager Brad Ausmus made his way to the umpire, Rajai Davis made his way to centerfield and Austin Jackson (whose name is two state capitals, by the way) made his way to the Mariners.

♦ The other really interesting thing that happend recently in baseball (non-Phillies division), was the Pirates inventing the WIDP - Walk Into Double Play. It’s hard to describe, so check out the youtube clipe HERE.

♦ In the last five years to the day (Aug. 1, 2009 to July 31, 2014), Carlos Ruiz is hitting .292 / .378 / .434 in 573 regular season games.

♦ Shortstop Jimmy Rollins and second baseman Chase Utley both homered Tuesday night, the 23rd time they did so in the same game while manning those spots. That is the most by any Keystone Combination in major league history.

♦ Cliff Lee, who headed to the disabled list shortly after starting Thursday’s game, has had opposing batters hit .304 against him this season. That’s the highest of his career, bypassing the .284 he allowed up in 2007.

♦ If you combine Andy Reid’s first eight regular season games with the Chiefs and Chip Kelly’s last eight regular season games with the Eagles in 2013, you get a 15-1 record and 458-to-269 point differential.