Saints Giving It Up

The Saints are ranked last in the league in total defense. (David Zalubowski/AP)

No team in NFL history has allowed more yards through seven games than the New Orleans Saints have this season. They held that distinction after six games and — if the Eagles can gain 235 or more yards Monday night — are a pretty safe bet to still hold it through eight games.

Here are the NFL teams that held that distinction through each of the first seven games of a season, and where the 2012 Saints ranked against each:

 Through  Year     Team  Yards   Saints   Rank
 1 Game  1951  New York Yanks    722    459  t-72nd 
 2 Games    1951  New York Yanks  1029    922  t-23rd
 3 Games  1951  New York Yanks  1481  1432    5th
 4 Games  2011  New England Patriots    1910  1853    5th
 5 Games  1950  Baltimore Colts  2431  2280    2nd
 6 Games  2012  New Orleans Saints  2793  2793    1st
 7 Games  2012  New Orleans Saints  3323  3323    1st