Phils Need to Get Away

The Phillies have struggled in series-ending games lately, including Sunday's loss in Toronto. (Darren Calabrese/Canadian Press/AP)

The Phillies opened the season with victories in each of their first five road getaway games (final game of a series before traveling). Since then, they have lost seven of eight, including Sunday to the Blue Jays:

Date Opponent Result
May 15 at Braves L   2-   3
May 17 at Cardinals      L   1-   2
May 29 at Mets L   5-   9
June 1 at Nationals L   1-   2
June 5 at Pirates   W   7-   3
June 17 at Mariners L   0-   2
June 23     at Cardinals L   2- 12
July 3 at Blue Jays L   4-   7

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