Phillies/Red Sox All-DL Team

You wouldn't have many moves off the bench (one, and only if you don't mind burning your backup catcher), but you could at least field a major league lineup with players that have appeared on either of the 2011 disabled lists of the Phillies or Red Sox.

And although we did take some minor liberties, every player has appeared in at least one major league game in his career at the position for which he is listed. We would just have to hope no one gets hurt (Phillies in bold; Romero has since been released):

Pos.    Player Injury Most Recent DL Stint
C Carlos Ruiz Back April 28-May 13
1B Jed Lowrie Shoulder June 17-current
2B Chase Utley Knee March 30-May 23
SS Brian Bocock Hand March 30-May 2
3B Marcus Scutaro Oblique May 8-June 7
LF Carl Crawford Hamstring June 18-current
CF Shane Victorino Hamstring May 20-June 3
RF Darnell McDonald Quad May 26-June 14
PH Brian Schneider Hamstring May 12-June 24
SP Roy Oswalt Back June 24-current
SP Clay Buchholz Back June 19-current
SP Daisuke Matsuzaka    Elbow May 17-current
SP Joe Blanton Elbow May 23-current
SP John Lackey Elbow May 12-June 5
RP Ryan Madson Hand June 28-current
RP Bobby Jenks Back June 8-current
RP Brad Lidge Rotator Cuff    March 30-current
RP J.C. Romero Calf April 19-May 4
RP Rich Hill Elbow June 3-current
RP Jose Contreras Forearm June 20-current