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Phillies lead MLB In HBL (Hit By Lannan)

Phillies have been hit by a John Lannan pitch 11 times.

Phillies lead MLB In HBL (Hit By Lannan)

John Lannan hits a Phillie with a pitch about once every 40 plate appearances. (Carolyn Kaster/AP)
John Lannan hits a Phillie with a pitch about once every 40 plate appearances. (Carolyn Kaster/AP)

You are probably already aware that John Lannan, introduced as the newest Phillies pitcher Tuesday at Citizens Bank Park, made his 2007 major-league debut one to remember for Phils fans as he plunked Chase Utley with a pitch, broke his hand and sent the second baseman to the bench for a month.

What you might not remember is that Lannan went and hit Ryan Howard with the very next pitch!!! And he managed to hit two Phillies in the same inning yet again, two years later.

Now through six major league seasons, Lannan has hit 30 batters with pitches and an astonishing 11 of them have been Phillies.

All told, he hits a Phillie with a pitch about once every 40 plate appearances. By comparison, throughout major-league baseball in 2012, a batter was hit about once every 123 plate appearances.

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Here are the 11 Lannan Phillies plunkings:

 Date  Batter  Inn.    Score
 July 26, 2007  Chase Utley  5th  Phillies, 3-2
 July 26, 2007  Ryan Howard  5th  Phillies, 3-2
 July 31, 2007  Shane Victorino  1st  Tied, 0-0
 May 15, 2009  Chase Utley  6th  Nationals, 4-1  
 May 15, 2009  Raul Ibanez  6th  Nationals, 4-1
 Aug. 1, 2010  Ryan Howard  1st  Tied, 0-0
 Sept. 27, 2010    Chase Utley  6th  Phillies, 1-0
 April 13, 2011  Ryan Howard  5th  Phillies, 2-0
 May 5, 2011  Shane Victorino    1st  Tied, 0-0
 June 1, 2011  John Mayberry  3rd  Tied, 1-1
 Sept. 26, 2012  Ryan Howard  2nd  Nationals, 5-0
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