Phillies' four-game sweeps

Thursday, the Phillies completed one of the more improbable four-game series sweeps in their history, considering they staggered into Miller Park on a 3-13 slide and were set to face a Brewers team that had the best record in the National League. But — as so often we say — that is why we play the games. 

♦ This marked the 39th four-game (or longer) sweep by the Phillies since Divisional Play began in 1969. For a list of all of those SWEEPS, CLICK HERE.

♦ It was the 16th road sweep by the Phils in that time frame.

♦ It was the fourth of those 16 road sweeps that was over a team that entered the series in first place. In two of those (vs. Braves in 1995 and vs. Cubs in 1984), the Phils used the sweep to vault themselves over their opponent and into first place themselves.

♦ Only the 1985 Dodgers were able to do what Milwaukee did this week ... That is to manage to get swept in four games at home by the Phillies and remain atop their division.