Philadelphia behind the eight ball

If you've followed the Phillies for any amount of time — at least six weeks — Sunday's 8-0 loss to the Mets was not the first time you've seen them shut out by a touchdown and a two-point conversion or more. In fact, if you've been around long enough, you've seen them do it hundreds of times.

Sunday's whitewashing was the 147th time since 1901 that the Phillies were shut out by a score or 8-0 or worse. Among current National League teams, only the Braves' organization (164) has been the victim of more big shutout losses. The Orioles' organization has suffered the most in the AL (182).

If you want to throw in the old Athletics, Philadelphia has seen its major league teams lose by 8-0 or worse 231 times in a combined 167 seasons since 1901. For comparisons sake, the the Mets, Yankees, Giants and Dogders have played a combined 279 seasons since then and suffered 295 8+ whitewashes.

Here are the 15 current NL franchises and the number of times they have lost by 8-0 or worse while in the National League (since 1901):


 Braves  164
 Phillies  147
 Pirates  138
 Reds  131
 Cubs  130
 Giants  128
 Dodgers  123
 Padres    71
 Nationals    65
 Mets    65
 Marlins    34
 Rockies    30
 Brewers    24
 D'backs    20