One (Homer) is Enough

Phillies shortstop Jimmy Rollins led off the game with a solo home run. (Wilfredo Lee/AP)

It took all of two pitches for the Phillies to get enough runs to win Tuesday in Miami. Jimmy Rollins' 41st career leadoff homer (at right) did the trick.

The last time the Phillies won a game by 1-0 on a leadoff home run was in 1969 when Johnny Briggs opened a game in Dodger Stadium with a long ball off Bill Singer. That is the only other 1-0 win on a leadoff homer by the Phils since at least 1918 (which is how far back we could search the database).

In that time, they have won 35 1-0 games on solo homers (complete list below). By the way, the Phils have suffered 32 solo-homer 1-0 losses since 1918.


♦ Hard to believe Harry, but the Phils never won a 1-0 game on a Mike Schmidt solo homer. You'd have thought he and Steve Carlton would have hooked up for such a contest at some point, but no.

♦ Schmidt never did it, but another Hall of Famer did. Jim Bunning homered off fellow Hall of Famer-to-be Warren Spahn (then with the Mets) in 1965.

♦ Four Phillies have done it twice — Deron Johnson, Andy Seminick, Del Ennis and Dolph Camilli.

♦ Some people think Ricky Ledee's home run to win Kevin Millwood's no-hitter in 2003 was a leadoff homer, but it wasn't. Rollins had grounded out to start that game.

 Date  Opponent  Home Run  Inn.  Pitcher
 Aug. 14, 2012  at Marlins  Jimmy Rollins  1st  Josh Johnson
 Aug. 15, 2008  at Padres  Pat Burrell  7th  Greg Maddux
 April 16, 2006  at Rockies  Ryan Howard  7th  Aaron Cook
 April 27, 2003  Giants  Ricky Ledee  1st  Jesse Foppert
 Sept. 9, 1997  at Mets  Rico Brogna  8th  Dave Mlicki
 July 12, 1991  Giants  Darren Daulton  5th  Buddy Black
 July 8, 1988  at Reds  Milt Thompson  8th  Jose Rijo
 Aug. 20, 1986  at Giants  Juan Samuel  10th  Mike Krukow
 May 31, 1986  Padres  John Russell  7th  Dave Dravecky
 July 26, 1983  at Astros  Joe Morgan  4th  Nolan Ryan
 June 27, 1978  at Expos  Greg Luzinski  8th  Hal Dues
 Aug. 28, 1973  Giants  Bill Robinson  2nd  Juan Marichal
 June 25, 1972  at Expos  John Bateman  5th  Ernie McAnally
 May 20, 1971  Mets  Deron Johnson  2nd  Gary Gentry
 April 25, 1970  at Padres  Deron Johnson  4th  Al Santorini
 Aug. 15, 1969  Astros  Larry Hisle  2nd  Denny Lemaster  
 June 12, 1969  at Dodgers     Johnny Briggs  1st  Bill Singer
 Aug. 8, 1968  at Dodgers  Dick Allen  9th  Bill Singer
 Aug. 26, 1967  Pirates  Gene Oliver  2nd  Bob Veale
 May 3, 1967  Astros  Johnny Callison    4th  Larry Dierker
 June 28, 1966  at Mets  Bill White  7th  Bob Friend
 July 7, 1965  Pirates  Clay Dalrymple  8th  Bob Friend
 May 5, 1965  at Mets  Jim Bunning  6th  Warren Spahn
 April 23, 1961 (1st)  Cubs  Bobby Smith  9th  Dick Ellsworth
 Sept. 12, 1950  Cardinals  Andy Seminick  5ty  Max Lanier
 July 14, 1949  Cardinals  Del Ennis  9th  Max Lanier
 June 4, 1949  Cubs  Andy Seminick  7th  Bob Rush
 Aug. 21, 1946  at Cubs  Del Ennis  9th  Russ Bauers
 June 22, 1944 (1st)    at Braves  Ron Northey  15th    Al Javery
 June 24, 1939  at Cubs  Joe Marty  2nd  Charlie Root
 Sept. 17, 1935  at Reds  Dolph Camilli  7th  Leroy Herrmann
 Sept. 5, 1934  Reds  Dolph Camilli  2nd  Si Johnson
 Aug. 6, 1933 (1st)  at Braves  Spud Davis  2nd  Ed Brandt
 Aug. 23, 1921  Cubs  Cy Williams  5th  Buck Freeman
 June 18, 1920  Cardinals  Walt Tragesser  3rd  Bill Doak