Not An Even Slate

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Since the Cowboys played their traditional Thanksgiving Day game and the Eagles appeared on Monday Night Football, for the sixth time in the last nine games, the Eagles will be facing an opponent that has had more rest than they have. And in only one of those situations was the difference a single day. The other five were each at least four days, and four of those was a full week.

Only twice this season will they have faced a team with less rest than the Birds, and those two differences will have been a combined four days.

Here are the Eagles' Games 2-16 and the date of each team's previous contest:

       Date of Previous Game  
 Date  Opponent  Eagles  Opponent
 Sept. 16     Ravens  SEPT. 9  Sept. 10
 Sept. 23  Cardinals  Sept. 16  Sept. 16
 Sept. 30  Giants  Sept. 23  SEPT. 20
 Oct. 7  Steelers  Sept. 30  SEPT. 23
 Oct. 14  Lions  Oct. 7  SEPT. 30
 Oct. 28  Falcons  Oct. 14  Oct. 14
 Nov. 5  Saints  Oct. 28  Oct. 28
 Nov. 11  Cowboys  Nov. 5  NOV. 4
 Nov. 18  Redskins  Nov. 11  NOV. 4
 Nov. 26  Panthers  Nov. 18  Nov. 18
 Dec. 2  Cowboys  Nov. 26  NOV. 22
 Dec. 9  Buccaneers     Dec. 2  Dec. 2
 Dec. 13  Bengals  Dec. 9  Dec. 9
 Dec. 23  Redskins  DEC. 13  Dec. 16
 Dec. 30  Giants  Dec. 23  Dec. 23