No Philly Home-Field Advantage

If the Occupy Philly people need a place to stay, maybe the sports complex should be their next stop. Seems none of the local sports teams have been using their home digs to their full advantage lately.

We're sure you have seen that the Eagles are 1-8 (including playoffs) in their last nine home games, but did you know that is the same record the Phillies were in their last nine home games of 2011?

Now, to be fair, the Phillies raised their home record to 52-23 when they clinched the NL East at home on Sept. 17, and their subsequent six-game losing streak at CBP meant little in the standings. But going 1-2 at home in the playoffs to a wild-card team tells us maybe they should have worried a little more about defending their turf, clinching be damned.

The Flyers (6-4-2 at home season) are under .500 there since last February.

Even the Sixers, who won 20 of 26 at the Wells Fargo Center during one stretch last season, limped down the stretch with a 6-6 record there.

Here is how each of the four teams has fared at home lately:

Team Since Home Away
Eagles Dec. 3, 2010 1-8 (.111) 5-2 (.714)
Flyers Feb. 13, 2011        11-13-7 (.468)       17-11-3 (.597)
Sixers March 9, 2011 6-6 (.500) 3-9 (.250)
Phillies         Sept. 18, 2011      1-8 (.111) 5-3 (.625)