NBA Final-ly Rid of Phil Jackson

The Los Angeles Lakers visit the Sixers Monday night sans long-time NBA icon Phil Jackson, who retired as head coach following the Lakers' loss in last seasons playoffs.

And if you disagree with the term "icon" consider this: In the 41 seasons from 1969-70 through 2009-10, Jackson's teams appeared in 16 Finals, winning 13.

Or this: Over the course of his career, Jackson's teams appeared in 82 best-of-five or longer playoff series. There were 66-16 in those series and were swept only twice (the Knicks by the Sixers in 1978, the Lakers by the Mavericks last season).

After Los Angeles beat the Minnesota Timberwolves in the first round of the 2003 playoffs, Jacksons' teams (Bulls or Lakers) had won 25 consecutive postseason series. At that point, he was 41-3 in playoff series as a coach.

 Here are Jackson's teams Finals appearances (*injured, missed entire season):

 Season  Team  Position      Finals Opponent      Result    
 1969-70      Knicks  *Player  Lakers  W 4-3
 1971-72  Knicks  Player  Lakers  L  1-4
 1972-73  Knicks  Player  Lakers  W 4-1
 1990-91  Bulls  Coach  Lakers  W 4-1
 1991-92  Bulls  Coach  Trail Blazers  W 4-2
 1992-93  Bulls  Coach  Suns  W 4-2
 1995-96  Bulls  Coach  SuperSonics  W 4-2
 1996-97  Bulls  Coach  Jazz  W 4-2
 1997-98  Bulls  Coach  Jazz  W 4-2
 1999-00  Lakers      Coach  Pacers  W 4-2
 2000-01  Lakers  Coach  76ers  W 4-1
 2001-02  Lakers  Coach  Nets  W 4-0
 2003-04  Lakers  Coach  Pistons  L  1-4
 2007-08  Lakers  Coach  Celtics  L  2-4
 2008-09  Lakers  Coach  Magic  W 4-1
 2009-10  Lakers  Coach  Celtics  W 4-3