Let's Go, Cardinals

The Cardinals' Matt Holliday hits a home run during the fourth inning of Game 5. (Jeff Roberson/AP)

We find ourselves rooting for St. Louis in Game 6 of the World Series Wednesday night, but not because we are a Cardinals fan ... It's because we are a fan of history.

A St. Louis victory would force a Game 7 Thursday night, which would make Oct. 31, 2013 the 15th date in history that each of the four major sports had at least one regular season or postseason game played. It would be the first time it will have happened on a Thursday. (Twelve of the previous 14 days were Sundays, two others were Mondays.)

Click HERE for a list of the previous 14 days, the number of games for each league and the scores of the games in which Philadelphia teams were involved.