Lefty-Fest, Part 3

As part of BoopStats’ look back at Steve Carlton’s magical 1972 season, we have already reviewed his 15-game winning streak (SportsWeek, Aug. 5) and the career totals of both Carlton and Rick Wise at the point they were traded for one another (SportsWeek, June 17).

This week, we take a look at the numbers each of those guys put up in their careers after that deal.

Carlton, obviously, went on to establish himself as one of the greatest lefthanders of all time. But Wise also continued to carve out a pretty good career, notching another 113 victories over the 11 additional years he hung around.

Here are the career statistics for Carlton and Wise after they were traded for one another (Feb. 25, 1972):

  Carlton  Wise 
 Record     252-182      113-105 
 ERA 3.25  3.74 
 Games 551  287 
 Starts 537  277 
 Complete Games      188  86 
 Shutouts 39  17 
 WHIP 1.24  1.28 
 Hits/9IP 8.0  9.2 
 Home Runs/9IP 0.74  0.85 
 Walks/9IP 3.2  2.3 
 Strikeouts/9IP 7.3  4.4 
 Strikeouts/Walks 2.30  1.95