Ivy League Race is Back On

One night after seemingly seeing its Ivy League championship hopes disappear, the Penn Quakers once again have life, thanks to Zach Rosen and ... Princeton?

While Rosen's three-pointer with three seconds left helped the Quakers hold off stubborn (and winless in the league) Dartmouth, the Tigers were upsetting No. 21 Harvard (7-1), putting Penn (5-2), Yale (6-2), Cornell (5-3) and themselves (4-3) back into the Ivy mix.

The Harvard loss also eliminates the chance for the 14th perfect record in league history.

Below are the league's records that have snagged the Ivy League crown in its 55 seasons and the last team of each record to do so.

Record    Times  Last Champion(s)
14-0 13 2007-08 Cornell
13-1 15 2009-10 Cornell
12-2 12 2010-11 Princeton/Harvard   
11-3 11 2008-09 Cornell
10-4   4 1986-87 Penn