It's Not Just the Flyers For Lundqvist

It's nothing personal Flyers fans. Rangers' goalie Henrik Lundqvist isn't playing too much better against the Orange-and-Black this season than he is against the rest of the NHL.

Over his six previous seasons, Lundqvist's GAA always fell in the 2.24 to 2.43 range, and his save percentage in the .912 to .923 area. This season, those numbers are 1.82 and .939. So, he has amped up his game against everybody.

His 2011-12 statistics through Sunday: 

       vs. Flyers     vs. Rest of NHL
 Record 4-0-0 20-10-4
 Minutes 240 2063
 Shots Faced 118 1026
 Goals Allowed      6 64
 Saves 112 962
 Save Pct. .949 .938
 GA Avg. 1.50 1.86