Inside Jimmy Rollins

Jimmy Rollins hit an inside-the-park home run to help the Phillies rout the Nationals. (Carolyn Kaster/AP)

According to ESPN Stats & Info, Jimmy Rollins now has more inside-the-park home runs since 2000 (four) than any one else in baseball. Tied at three are Chase Utley, David DeJesus, Carl Crawford and Curtis Granderson.

He is now tied for 10th in Phillies history (since 1900):

 Player     ITP HR 
 Sherry Magee 10 
 John Titus
 Red Dooin
 Richie Ashburn
 Kitty Bransfield
 Dick Allen
 Beals Becker
 Elmer Flick
 Possum Whitted   
 Jimmy Rollins
 Shad Berry
 Mickey Doolan
 Hans Lobert
 Fred Luderus
 Roy Thomas