He's Gone To ... Andy City

So, Andy Reid is off to Kansas City to coach the Chiefs, which just so happens to be the official second-favorite NFL team of the staff here at BoopStats. So much so, in fact, I'm wearing a Kansas City Chiefs golf shirt (right) as we type this.

Personally, after suffering through the end of the Eagles' Reid era, I'm not quite as anxious as you'd think I'd be as he heads to KC. For one thing, I won't be able to watch every game and monitor every play as I do the Eagles, since I'll still be in Philly helping to shed statistical light on our No. 1 team. Secondly, I've never seen a Chiefs Monday head coach press conference on television and I don't anticipate that I'm going to start seeing them anytime soon. And third — and you may not agree with me on this one — he's going to end up winning out there. And when he does, I'll be a happy camper.


Now, if only my life-long dream of an Eagles-Chiefs Super Bowl would come to light ...

All that being said, below are how the two franchises compare in various won-loss records through the seasons. Notice that in the Super Bowl era (since 1966), the teams are within two regular seasom wins of each other, and are 14th (Chiefs, .506) and 15th (Eagles, .504) in winning percentage.

Both are working on playoff losing streaks, although the Chiefs' streak is almost old enough to drink. And of course, the Chiefs do have one more Super Bowl victory than the Birds, having beaten the Vikings the season before the merger.

One last stat nugget — both teams finished the 2012 season with a minus-24 turnover differential (dead last in the league), each of them having 13 takeaways and 37 giveaways. Hard to do.

Let's Go, Andy!!! ... Let's Go, Chiefs!!!

 REGULAR SEASON  Eagles  Chiefs
 All-Time Record  521-561-26  404-388-12
    Since 1960  394-395-13  404-388-12
    Since 1966  358-352-10  360-352-8
    Since 1999  130-93-1  98-126
    All-Time  19-20  9-14
    Since 1960  15-19  8-14
    Since 1966  15-19  7-14
    Since 1999  10-9  0-3
    Current Streak  Lost 3  Lost 7
    Last Win  Jan. 11, 2009     Jan. 16, 1994   
    Since 1970  2-4  0-1
 SUPER BOWLS  0-2  1-1
    (By Season)
 1980 (L/Raiders)
 2004 (L/Patriots)  
 1966 (L/Packers)
 1969 (W/Vikings)