Hartnell Now

For just the second time in his Flyers career — and the first time since his initial season in Philadelphia — Scottie Hartnell took until at least his 10th game of the season to finally tickle the twine.

Here is how long it took him to score his first goal of each of his 13 seasons:

 Season  Game
 2000-01    16th
 2001-02   2nd
 2002-03  23rd
 2003-04   7th
 2005-06   1st
 2006-07   2nd
 Season  Game
 2007-08  16th
 2008-09   1st
 2009-10   3rd
 2010-11   6th
 2011-12   8th 
 2012-13   5th 
 2013-14  10th