From Curly to Andy

This fall, Andy Reid and Lindy Ruff have brought to 10 the number of men in the four major sports who have coached one franchise for 14 or more continuous seasons and then went on to coach elsewhere. (Number of titles won with that team in parentheses.)

Reid is one of five (*) of those 10 who moved on to his next job without missing a season.

He is also one of the four (bold) of those 10 who is active.


 Coach  Team (Lg.)  Yrs.    Other Teams
 Curly Lambeau
 Packers (NFL)  
 *Cardinals (2)
 Redskins (2)
 Jeff Fisher  Oilers/Titans  17  Rams (2)
 Joe McCarthy  Yankees  16  Red Sox (3)
 Lindy Ruff  Sabres  16  *Stars (1)
 Dick Irvin  Canadiens  15  *Blackhawks (1)  
 Hank Stram  Chiefs  15  Saints (2)
 Hughie Jennings    Tigers  14  Giants (2)
 John MacLeod
 *Mavericks (3)
 Knicks (1)
 Mike Shanahan  Broncos  14  Redskins (4)
 Andy Reid  Eagles  14  *Chiefs (1)