Eye Openers: Leading Off Against Halladay

♦ Players leading off the game against Roy Halladay are 7-for-14 (.500) this season. But they are all singles, he hasn’t walked any and only two have come around to score. Players leading off any inning against him this season are 34-101 (.337) with five walks (a .368 OBA). Sixteen of them have come around to score.

♦ Remember the Flyers’ “Year of the Seven Goaltenders,” when seven different goalies dressed during the 2009-10 regular season? Well, the Pirates have had six different catchers start this season already. I am not sure I could name six catchers in Pirates history ... Manny Sanguillén, Tony Pena, Jason Kendall ... Yeah, that’s about it.

♦ The NBA Finals hadn’t been over 24 hours when odds on which teams will win the 2012 title started to trickle in. According to Philadelphia Daily News handicapper Vegas Vic, the 76ers are 50-1 to win a crown next year. The Associated Press’ Glantz/Culver line has them at 80-1, behind the Clippers (55-1). Ouch!