Eye Openers: Triple 5-4; The Utley Double

Carlos Ruiz singles Wednesday night to give the Phils yet another 5-4 walkoff victory. ( Steven M. Falk / Staff Photographer )

♦ The Phillies have three walk-off wins this season. Each one has ended with the same score, 5-4.

Chase Utley doubled and tripled in the same game in the nightcap of Wednesday’s doubleheader. It was the 11th time in his career he had done that.

♦ Since the beginning of the 2007 season, Jimmy Rollins has led off a game 516 times. He has 19 leadoff homers; Wednesday night, he drew his 21st leadoff walk.

♦ Since 1995, there have been 16 Stanley Cup champions. Seven of them had to get through the Flyers in the playoffs, including five of the seven Eastern Conference teams to win in that time. Before 1995, the Flyers were eliminated four times by Cup champs, all of them in Finals.