Eye Openers: Comparing Phillies' Big Inning

The Phillies' big eighth inning Tuesday was just one of three in the majors so far this week. Below is a detailed look at each, but first a few notes ...

♦ Both the Phillies' and Red Sox' innings featured consecutive hit batsmen, three of the four with the bases loaded to force in a run.

♦ The Phillies and Red Sox each saw at least 60 pitches in their innings. The Twins saw just 30; Giants pitches threw just four balls in that inning.

♦ The Twins' inning sounds like a drum solo - single, double, single, double, single, double, single, double, strike out, double, error, double play. (Rim shot!)

♦ The Phillies managed their big inning without benefit of an extra-base hit. The Twins had theirs despite grounding into a double-play.

♦ The Twins’ eight consecutive hits to lead off the game tied a major league record. It was last done by the Cubs against the Pirates on Sept. 8, 2009. 

Day Tuesday Tuesday Monday
Opponent at Cardinals      at Giants      vs. Padres    
Inning 8th 1st 7th
Score Before Inning Down, 2-1 Tied, 0-0 Tied, 3-3
Batters 14 12 14
Runs 9 8 10
Hits 5 9 5
   Extra-Base Hits 0 5 2
Walks 4 0 4
Hits Batsmen 2 0 2
   Consecutive Batters HBP       Yes No Yes
Errors 0 1 0
Left on Base 2 1 1
GIDP 0 1 0
Pitchers Faced 5 2 4
Pitches 64 30 68
   Balls 36 4 32



♦ The Cardinals entered Tuesday's game against the Phillies with a team batting average of .272. At that point, a total of three Phillies were hitting better than .258.

♦ The Phillies' bullpen saw its scoreless streak end at 19.1 innings Tuesday.