Easing to the Finish Line

Chase Utley and the Phillies have lost five of their last six. (Ron Cortes/Staff Photographer

Even before their post NL East-clinching slump (six runs in four games since Sept. 18, all losses), the Phillies' offense was off the pace set by the club in July and August, when they averaged over five runs a game.

Thankfully, the pitching was keeping up their end of the deal, holding teams under three runs per game.

Phils' record, runs scored and runs allowed by month, through the clincher:

Month W-  L    Runs/Game    Opponents
April 18-  8 4.62 3.38
May 16-13 3.69 3.59
June      17-10 3.78 2.63
July 17-  8 5.52 3.76
August 18-  7 5.28 2.88
Sept. 1-17     12-  6 4.11 2.94