Eagles No Home Returns

"I like the grit of this football team. I like the toughness of this football team," Andy Reid said. (Yong Kim/Staff Photographer)


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The Eagles have played 80 games (regular season and playoffs) at Lincoln Financial Field ... and they have never returned a kickoff for a touchdown there.

The last time an Eagle went long with a kickoff in front of the home crowd was Brian Mitchell against the Falcons in 2000 (above). That is 100 games (regular season and playoffs) and 382 kickoff returns ago.

Only two teams have gone longer without a home KO return TD. The Bengals last did it in 1999 ... but the grand daddy of them all is the Dolphins. They haven't had a home KO return TD since Dec. 6, 1970 (Mercury Morris vs. Boston Patriots). That would cover 342 regular season and 22 playoff home games for The Fish.

Here are the teams that have gone the longest without a kickoff return for a touchdown in front of the home folk:

 Date  Team  Player  Yds.    Opponent    Result
 Dec. 6, 1970  Dolphins  Mercury Morris       96  Patriots  W 37-20  
 Nov. 14, 1999     Bengals  Tramain Mack    99  Titans  L  14-24
 Oct. 1, 2000  Eagles  Brian Mitchell    89  Falcons  W 38-10
 Dec. 15, 2002  Falcons  Allen Rossum    91  Seahawks  L  24-30
 Oct. 5, 2003  Panthers  Rod Smart  100  Saints  W 19-13
 Nov. 30, 2003  Redskins     Chad Morton    94  Saints  L  20-24