Chooch's Revenge

Carlos Ruiz Thursday got hit by a pitch for the league-leading 10th time this season. But at least he has made a habit of making the team that plunks him pay for it.

Twice, he was hit by a pitch in what would be his last plate appearance of the game. In the remaining at-bats of the other eight games, he is 10-for-22 (.455) with eight RBI and a .727 slugging percentage:


At-Bats Rest of Game
May 2 at Braves 3rd 2B (RBI)  HR (3 RBI)  2B (2 RBI)  Out   
May 14 Astros 5th 1B (RBI) 1B      
May 18 Red Sox 3rd Out 1B      
May 19 Red Sox 4th Out Out Out    
May 21 Nationals 4th Out Out      
May 24 at Cardinals   1st 1B 1B Out Out 1B 
May 25 at Cardinals 5th Out Out      
June 14    at Twins 3rd Out 2B (RBI)