Chooch Finally Solves Wrigley

There are many steps to becoming a Phillies' all-time icon. Slapping Wrigley Field around like Carlos Ruiz did Wednesday and Thursday is one of them. (Hitting .363 on the season, as the Phillies catcher is doing this year, is another.)

Obviously, the current Phillies do not have as many chances to do so, with just one trip to the Windy City each year, as the 1970s and 80s Phillies did. Those teams made three trips to Chitown each season when both teams were members of the NL East and squared off 18 times a season.

Nonetheless, you can do a lot with a little, as Ruiz' 2012 two-game totals there show. Especially as compared to how he had performed in Wrigley prior to this season:

       2007-11        2012
Games 15 2
Batting Avg. .205 .667
Hits-AB 9-44 6-9
   Doubles 2 1
   Triples 0 0
   Home Runs      0 1
Slugging Pct. .250 1.111
   Total Bases 11 10
On-Base Pct. .298 .700
   Walks 8 1
   Strikeouts 5 0
Runs 6 3
RBI 3 4