Phillies Blogathon: Hour 42

There are a great many quirky things about Hunter Pence that bring to mind Phillies' former rightfielder Jay Johnstone.

And if Pence could unleash a playoff series or two like Johnstone unfurled in the 1976 NLCS against the Reds, that would be even better.

The Jaybird was 7-for-9 in the series with a double, a triple, a walk, a run and an RBI. And he didn't even start Game 1. He batted .778 for the three games (.800 OBP, 1.111 Slg.), the rest of the Phils batted .220 (20-91).

His plate appearances:

 Gm. Inn.    Situation Result
1 9th 1st & 3rd, 1 Out Singled as a PH (Ollie Brown), scoring Greg Luzinski  
2 2nd Man on 1st, 0 Out Singled; Phils would score a run in the inning
  4th Leading Off Singled; Would be stranded at third
  6th Leading Off Popped out to short
  8th Man on 1st, 0 Out Singled; Phillies wouldn't score
3 2nd None on, 2 Out Singled; Was stranded at first
  4th Man on 2nd, 1 Out    Grounded out to first
  6th 1st & 2nd, 2 Out Walked; Phils wouldn't score
  8th None on, 1 Out Doubled; Would score on a Larry Bowa double
  9th Man on 1st, 2 Out Tripled, scoring Jerry Martin from first