Phillies Blogathon: Hour 39

This season, Ryan Howard returned to the top 10 in the major leagues in home runs (tied for 10th) and RBI (6th).

Howard (shown above about to lace a 10th-inning, game-winning RBI double against the Marlins on Sept. 15), was tied for 14th in homers last year and was 11th in RBI.

His year-by-year totals and rankings:

  No.    NL MLB No. NL MLB No. NL MLB
2006    58 1st 1st 149 1st 1st 181 2nd 2nd
2007 47 2nd 3rd 136 2nd 4th 199 1st 1st
2008 48 1st 1st 146 1st 1st 199 2nd 2nd
2009 45 3rd 3rd 141 t-1st    t-1st    186    2nd    2nd
2010 31 t-8th    t-14th    108    4th 11th 157 8th 11th   
2011 33 t-6th t-10th 116 3rd 6th 172 2nd 5th