Bastardo: Pop-Up King

When Daniel Murphy doubled off Antonio Bastardo with one out in the ninth inning Sunday, it ended a string of 58 batters (dating to May 25) during which Bastardo had allowed one hit. That was an infield single to the Pirates' Lyle Overbay on June 5.

It seemed to us a lot of those outs were pop-ups to the infield, so we checked each at-bat.

He is what those 58 batters did:

Batters' Result    Times
Struck out swinging 15
Struck out looking 1
Flied out (outfield) 11
Popped out (infield) 13
Grounded out 10
Sacrifice 1
Walked 6
Hit 1
   Batting Avg. (1-51) .020
   On-Base Pct. (7/58)     .121