Back to Earth for Barkley the Birthday Boy

In honor of his 50th birthday, which was Wednesday, we honor Charles Barkley for saying, "I'm not a role model." (H. Rumph Jr/AP)

We hope that Hall of Famer Charles Barkley has finished digesting all of his Birthday Cake (or Cakes), because this could give him indigestion. The 50-year-old former Sixer is by far the worst three-point shooter in NBA history.

Since the shot was instituted in the NBA for the 1979-80 season, Barkley is the only player with at least 2,000 three-point field-goal attempts to shoot under 30%. And he is well under 30%; he would have to come back and make his first 98 three-pointers to break into the 30s.

As it turns out, former Sixers have the first-, second- and fourth- worst 3FG percentages on this list:

 WORST CAREER 3-PT. FG PCT. (Min.: 2000 Attempts)
 Player     3FG   3FGA    Pct.
 Charles Barkley     538   2020   26.6%
 Jerry Stackhouse     983   3190   30.8%
 Lamar Odom     653   2093   31.2%
 Allen Iverson   1059   3383   31.3%
 Gary Payton   1132   3570   31.7%
 Clyde Drexler     827   2603   31.8%
 Dominique Wilkins     711   2231   31.9%
 Vernon Maxwell   1256   3931   31.95%
 Baron Davis   1332   4159   32.03%