An Eagles Bye-Xamination

"It's not the first time that I've been in this situation," Eagles quarterback Michael Vick said. (Ron Cortes/Staff Photographer)

If you call yourself an Eagles' fan and don't begin each day at the Daily News' Eagletarian Blog, you should turn in your Brian Dawkins' replica jersey.

That's where we usually start our online cruising, and from where we lifted (and enhanced) this chart put together by the great Les Bowen.

Not only does it give you the full run of the Eagles' 13-0 record following a bye under the current head coach (our bye week consists of typing his name as infrequently as possible), but it also points out how the Eagles and their post-bye opponent fared in their previous game. We've also thrown in the Birds' and opponent's record heading into the post-bye game.

Among the things to notice:

♦ This week's game against the Falcons will mark just the second time the Birds will come off the long rest facing an opponent also coming off the long rest ... and it's the same opponent. Back in 2008, the Eagles and Falcons faced each other after both of their bye weeks.

♦ When coming off a pre-bye victory, the Birds tend to route their post-bye foe, winning those six games by an average of 16.2 points. The margins is only 9.0 when the Eagles have two weeks to stew after a loss.

♦ Six times, the Eagles have faced a team with a winning record after the bye, and those six wins were by an average margin of 7.2 points. Conversely, when their post-bye foe enters the game at .500 or lower, the Birds romp (a 15.9 margin).

More on the Birds' post-bye games later in the week, but in the meantime, here is the Bowen list (*also coming off a bye week, game listed was two weeks prior; +Monday game):


 Opponent (W-L)

 Prv. Game

 Prv. Game

 1999  4-11  Rams (13-2)  W 38-31  Patriots  W 24-9  Bears  W 34-12
 2000  10-5  Bengals (4-11)  W 16-7  at Browns  W 35-24  Jaguars  W 17-14
 2001  2-2  at Giants (3-2)  W 10-9  Cardinals  L 20-21  at Rams  L 14-15
 2002  3-2  Bucs (5-1)  W 20-10  at Jaguars  L 25-28  Browns  W 17-3
 2003  0-2  at Bills (2-1)  W 23-13  Patriots  L 10-31  at Dolphins  L 7-17
 2004  4-0  Panthers (1-3)  W 30-8  at Bears  W 19-9  at Broncos  L 17-20
 2005  3-2  Chargers (3-3)  W 20-17  at Cowboys  L 10-33  at Raiders  W 27-14
 2006  4-4  Redskins (3-5)  W 27-3  Jaguars  L 6-13  Cowboys  W 22-19
 2007  1-3  at Jets (1-5)  W 16-9  at Giants  L 3-16  at Giants  L 24-35
 2008  3-3  Falcons (4-2)  W 27-14  at 49ers  W 40-26  *Bears  W 22-20
 2009  2-1  Bucs (0-4)  W 33-14  Chiefs  W 34-14  at Redskins  L 13-16
 2010  4-3  Colts (5-2)  W 26-24  at Titans  L 19-37  +Texans  W 30-17
 2011  2-4  Cowboys (3-3)  W 34-7  at Redskins  W 20-13  Rams  W 34-7
 2012  3-3  Falcons (6-0)  —  Lions  L 23-26 (ot)  *Raiders  W 23-20