A Saturday To Remember

Villanova fans storm the court after the upset of No. 3 Syracuse. (Ron Cortes/Staff Photographer)

Sunday was such a downer — the Sixers losing to the lowly Wizards and Villanova unable to snag what would have been an important win at Pittsburgh — that we're gonna just forget all about it and go back to Saturday. Why Saturday? Well, how often do you see seven local teams playing in the city on the same day ... and all winning?!?!

The Flyers and Sixers pulled off a Wells Fargo double-dip and five of the City 6 teams hosted winning able games and did so. The septet (that is a group of seven of something) provided fun and friviloty for a total of 61,750 fans throughout the city.

Here's how that day went: 

 Start  Team  Opponent  Result  Attend.  
 12 p.m.    Flyers  Senators  W 2-1  19,959
   2 p.m.  La Salle  Duquesne  W 97-64    3,015
   2 p.m.  Temple  Rhode Island    W 76-70    9,493
   6 p.m.  Penn  Harvard  W 75-72    5,267
   7 p.m.  Sixers  Warriors  W 104-97    17,929
   7 p.m.  Saint Joseph's    Fordham  W 82-56    4,076
   7 p.m.  Drexel  UNCW  W 62-46    2,011