Who Let The QB Out? Woof, Woof, Woof

Michael Vick went to court to visit with his probation officer on Friday, and one of the first things those guys always ask is if you are looking for employment.

Until mid-July, Vick is just looking to get this damn monitoring device off his ankle, the one that will make sure he remains home under the home-confinement portion of his federal sentence for animal cruelty and lying about it and all sorts of unsavory things.


There is a certain irony to Vick being fitted for what is essentially a collar-like device, and then being penned up, but we'll leave that where it is.

As for the employment question, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has a thorny one there. We live in a country that believes people who break the law and serve their time are then allowed the opportunity to rebuild their lives.

In the case of Vick, that means playing football, and if he is prevented from doing so, there is the possibility he could bring action against the NFL for denying him the chance to resume his career. On the other hand, the NFL probably isn't all that interested in having a dog-beater out on the field. Wife-beaters? Thugs? Accused accomplices to murder? Sure, sure, sure, but not dog-beaters.

Goodell could probably make a short suspension stick, for bringing disrepute to the game or something, but until he suspends the entire Cincinnati Bengals franchise, it seems he'll have no choice but to let Vick back in the kennel. If some team will hire him, that is. If the phone rings and it's Al Davis, Michael, make sure to answer it.

Your thoughts? Should he be allowed to play?