Vick Rejoins Road Gang

New York Jets fans, perhaps presaging what Michael Vick will hear all season, booed him each time he stepped on the field in the first half Thursday night.

It wasn't voracious booing, or very long-lasting, but it was obviously directed at Vick. There were no nasty signs on display in Giants Stadium, not a single one. That's because the New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority forbids signs and umbrellas in Giants Stadium.

So, no signs and, that's right, no umbrellas.

The level of vitriol from the stands might have been less than Vick will experience during the regular season, when the games actually mean something and when there is a full stadium and not a stadium half-full of people who got tickets from a buddy who didn't want to use them.

By the second half, when Vick went from situational player, getting 10 plays scattered during Kevin Kolb's half of work, to every-down quarterback in the second half, even that moderate amount of booing died down. I mean, whaddya expect, they were going to keep it up all night? Shaddup, already.

A week from Sunday in Carolina might be a little different, but, like everything else about Vick's return, this wasn't as crazy about you might have expected.