Terrell Owens: All Smiles Now

There is a joke somewhere in here about getting the key to the city of Buffalo, but that would only bring some more nasty e-mails from upstate New York pointing out that it has finally stopped snowing, or at least tapered off to flurries.

Terrell Owens showed up for the OTA's at Buffalo Bills camp this week and, heavens, you'd have thought it was a big deal. The mayor did in fact greet him and present him with the ceremonial key to the city. Fans met him at the airport.

Bills Owens Football
AP photo

He co-hosted one of the nightly television sports reports, leading off with, "The top story tonight is...I'm here."

If only there were some way to fast-forward this process to the point where T.O. is stomping around the sidelines, screaming at his offensive coordinator and making himself a general pain in the ass. As always, he will eventually be traded away or released, but right now, it's all smiles on the evening news.

Oh, well. It will be fun to track from afar, even if the story will have the feel of another fall re-run.