Seeking Endorsements

Well, at least here's one mini-controversy we don't have to worry about any more. Arizona Republic columnist Dan Bickley is whining in his blog that it appears the new president will be rooting for the Pittsburgh Steelers and not the Arizona Cardinals in the upcoming Super Bowl. Oh, no.

Would Barack Obama have embraced the Cradle of Liberty as his choice to the Super Bowl, had the Eagles not stumbled against the Cardinals in the NFL championship? Or would he have gone with the Steelers?

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We'll just never know... and never have to spend reams of newsprint investigating and delivering that vital bit of news. We won't have to endure the silly bets between the mayors. ("I bet my city is going to default before yours!") We won't have to accept the B-list celebrities who suddenly show up wearing Eagles hats.

Look at it as a tradeoff. Would have been interesting, though.

*     *     *

I don't know about you, but I can't skip any column that contains this sentence: You don't have to be a Commie to know that democracy based on pacifist leadership has seriously failed in Cowboy Nation.

That comes from Randy Galloway of the Fort Worth Star Telegram as he deftly segues from the new leadership in Washington to the crises faced by football owner Jerry Jones. It doesn't need much more introduction than that.