PK Loves Eagles, Sure, But Loves Giants More

I know what you've read and heard. Peter King, NFL savant for Sports Illustrated, loooooves him some Eagles draft. Well, true as that might be, it doesn't mean Peter thinks the Eagles will even win the NFL East division this season.

That is, if you ascribe to King's post-draft, post-free agency power rankings of the 32 NFL teams.


Now, No. 6 isn't so bad, and that's where King places the Eagles. He still loooooves the additions of Jeremy Maclin and LeSean McCoy to the offense.

"I think this team gives (Donovan McNabb) a better chance than the first Terrell Owens team in Philly," King writes.

But, but, but, the Giants are ranked third in the league? Third! The choking dogs that lost to the Eagles in the postseason, with a teensy, tiny effort from quarterback Eli Manning. Third! Still reeling from the loss of Plaxico "Damn, was that my gun?" Burress. Third!

"New York has an excellent chance to go to the Super Bowl for the second time in three years," King writes.

I respect Peter King. He works hard at his job. Good, solid work. Real work. But you have to take the whole body of work. If you are thrilled that he looooves the Eagles draft, then you have to wonder what he's thinking when it comes to the Giants. (And the Bears are ranked ahead of the Eagles, too. I'll fade that bet.)