Live From NovaCare Bunker

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Hmmm, seems to be a pretty nice day out there. But the Post Patterns staff would much rather be bringing you all the action and drama from the NovaCare Center.

At the moment, the action in the auditorium where Andy Reid or Tom Heckert will eventually talk about today's draft, involves watching Derrick Gunn talk on the telephone. It's not bad. He has a nice delivery, good voice for telephone.

Rumors are swirling here, which is what rumors do. For decades, writers have been trying to attach a different verb to rumors, but they stubbornly continue to swirl. (Little known fact is that in the Southern Hemisphere, they swirl in the opposite direction.)

About an hour ago, one swirled past that said the Eagles had reached a deal with the Cleveland Browns to move up to the number five pick in the first round. Good idea, perhaps, but bad rumor.

I'll give you a rumor that I just swirled together. If Vontae Davis, the cornerback from Illinois falls anywhere near the Eagles, I wouldn't be surprised if they jumped at him. The ferocity with which the team jumped on Sheldon Brown last week -- and Brown's ill-considered "you don't want me in the locker room" statement -- put the CB situation here in a new light.

Fans would hate that pick, I would think, but it's not impossible.

If you missed the earlier Post Patterns plea for making the Anquan Boldin trade, you can read it here.

Much more to come, including the always anticipated "Bob Brookover Quote of the Day."