Hank Baskett & The Stripper Pole

You know, the Philadelphia sports media gets a bad rap sometimes. Too critical, too insensitive. A sort of ink-stained version of the local fandom. We'd probably write bad sentences about Santa Claus and throw horrible cliches at the Easter Bunny. That's the reputation.

The truth is that we are sometimes amazingly circumspect when it comes to understanding that some of our athletes have interesting private lives that have nothing to do with how they perform their jobs. So we don't go there. Off the field, unless there is a compelling reason, is off limits.

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Well, that's only true until someone's wife-to-be begins to sell her own line of stripper poles. Then, I'm afraid, all bets are off.

Kendra Wilkinson, noted former girlfrield of that mad scamp Hugh Hefner, and afianced partner of Eagles wide receiver Hank Baskett -- they are set for a June 27 wedding at the Playboy mansion -- is, indeed, trying to sell you a stripper pole.

In an interview with US magazine, Kendra touted the pole as a fitness device, and who are we to argue? No indication if it's a living room item, or more appropriate somewhere else in the house, but when Hank runs a post pattern at home he'll have to be careful.

Kendra has her own reality show on the E! network that features her life with Hank, and probably some other decorating tips. It would be nice if Hank came home and discussed Andy Reid's offense, but there's no indication of anything like that.

According to Kendra, the show is a lot like I Love Lucy.

"A streeper pole? Kennnnndra, you got some splaining to do."


Ok, we now resume normal sports programming. Off the field is off limits. But, guys, as Chris Rock said, your only job is to keep them off the stripper poles. Otherwise, we can't be held accountable.