Game-Day Roofies

GLENDALE, Ariz -- Merrill Reese walked by to report that he is "outraged" that the roof is closed at University of Phoenix stadium for today's game.

"The league should take control. It's a beautiful day here and this is supposed to be an outdoor game," Reese said.

Nevertheless -- and it is a beautiful day in the mid-70's here -- the roof is certainly closed, which is the way Cardinals' quarterback Kurt Warner likes it.

"I was lobbying all week," Warner said after practice on Thursday.

It didn't take much lobbying probably. The Cards want to keep the crowd noise trapped inside, increasing whatever home field advantage they believe they have in a building where they were 6-2 during the regular season.

"Outrage" might be a little over-the-top, but it is a shame the league doesn't control things like that. Will it matter? Probably not. Donovan McNabb has a lot of experience playing in domes, going back to Syracuse University, and the Eagles already won a playoff game this season in a road dome.

Arizona fans are unbelievably polite. Walking through the parking lot, they were wishing fans dressed in Eagles' garb good luck and things like that. Very inappropriate.