FredX Wants You To Know The TRUTH

Of course, it's possible that you already know the truth about Freddie Mitchell, which is that he keeps saying hello long after it was time to say goodbye.

Nevertheless, believing that mass communiation is a good thing for us all, the online guru staff here at Post Patterns feels obligated to direct you to Freddie's new blog.

Blog Image 434824 - FORD

It looks legitimate. For one thing, it's crazy and it correctly lists the proprietor as a Sagittarius born in the year of the Horse.

The blog tells readers it was started so FM fans can get "the REAL information." That's a good thing because there's just so much FALSE information out there about Freddie. Just the other day, there was that story that.... no, wait, that was about someone else. Or the one that was in the New York Post that said... hold it, that was someone else, too.

Come to think of it, no one is saying too much about FredX. Except FredX, naturally.

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