For Who, For Weaver?

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Some random thoughts while sitting around Boston waiting for a 10 p.m. basketball game (and some of those random thoughts involve the scheduling geniuses of the NCAA and CBS).

I don't know if Leonard's Weaver has great timing hitting the hole while carrying a football, but he does has great timing while backhanding the new city where he'll be working.

Weaver, signed to play fullback for the Eagles last weekend, didn't appear very excited about the prospect -- downright disappointed, in fact -- but his views got lscant attention during a busy time in which local interest was on the NCAA tournament and, of course, Andy Reid's "State of the Eggs" breakfast news conference from the NFL meetings in down-at-the-heels Dana Point, Calif.

The Eagles signed Weaver to a one-year, $1.75 million contract that could earn the fullback as much as $2.5 million if he meets incentive clauses. Good luck with that, Leonard, unless there is a clause for standing ready on the sideline.

All in all, of course, he'd rather still be a Seahawk.

"It's just been a hard deal knowing I want to be here, and I made that clear to the organization a number of times, and here it is we still can't get nothing done," Weaver told the Tacoma News-Tribune.

"And now it resorts to this," he added, "where I have to make a secondary choice, which I did. So, it makes it very tough."

Oh, no question. Having to accept a paltry $1.75 million is just a terrible insult, a fallback position that no one -- even someone who makes up verbs that don't agree with impersonal pronouns -- should not have to bear. Oh, the humanity. TO HAVE TO PLAY IN PHILADELPHIA FOR A TEAM THAT MADE THE CONFERENCE CHAMPIONSHIP AND LEAVE THE STINKING SEAHAWKS. It is too much to take.

Leonard is going to be a man about it, though. He's going to show up and play and look for his deluxe payday in the sky. In Philly? Maybe, not that he really cares.

"It's a good opportunity to show what I can do, not only to Philly but to other teams out there," Weaver said. "And then if Philly offers a long-term deal, that would be great. But, if not, hey man, it was a great time and we move on."

I'd say he's all about Philadelphia and the Eagles. Not a bit of him that's all about Leonard Weaver. Welcome to town, Leonard. So far, your timing has been good.