Eagles Quietly Shuffle Depth Chart

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There wasn't a press release or an announcement, but the Eagles have indicated a significant shift in direction this week with an updated "unofficial" depth chart on the team's web site.

Andy Reid had indicated the team would look at playing Shawn Andrews at right tackle and just-acquired brother Stacy Andrews at right guard this season. Reid said Andrews was drafted as a tackle project, but placed at guard only because the tackle slots were already manned.

Well, they aren't just looking at it, as the Eagles head into the first of two OTA camps this week. Shawn is the tackle and Stacy the guard on the depth chart.

The Eagles don't do this kind of thing lightly. You have to watch them every minute and read the hints the way the Chinese used to read Democracy Wall in Beijing for hints what the government was thinking.

It may say "unofficial," but the change wouldn't have been made unless it was going to be a fact.

Now, it is May and it doesn't matter if Reid puts the Andrews Sisters (above) in the depth chart. Nothing matters until training camp and thereafter. Shawn has to stay focused and stay on the field. Stacy has to complete his rehabilitation from injury. But the Eagles think Shawn is going to play the rest of his career here at tackle and it's nice they told us.

Note that LeSean McCoy is listed ahead of Lorenzo Booker at running back, but Jeremy Maclin is not listed ahead of Shaheer McBride at receiver. What do you make of that? I don't know. Maclin gets his mention as a special-teams returner and McBride would be left off otherwise (the chart doesn't show a fourth string). Weird, though.